Saturday, March 19, 2016

I'm back, baby!

Hello All!
Yes, I've been neglectful of this space lately. It's not that I'd forgotten about all you loyal readers - all three of you.
If you've been following this site for at least a year, you all know that I spent last year working on a project in which I took a photo each day of the year. I gotta tell you, that was an exhausting project and one that I'm still sort of working on. It also had the effect of burning me out on social media and sharing so much of myself with everyone.
So I took a break to work on some other things, one of which is my new book, "Welcome to Golden." The premise is fairly simple - what if there was a virtual reality retirement village in which residents could be young once again. Essentially, think about recreating Mayberry in the computer age with its homes populated by senior citizens hooked into powerful computers.
Of course, in any story you need a conflict. When I was outlining this book, I realized that there were a whole host of conflicts that would work within this world I was creating. I chose murder mystery.
If you are looking for hard boiled or a procedural, you can keep moving. If you are looking for hard science fiction with detailed explanations on how something like a virtual reality retirement village would work, you will be sorely disappointed.
What I told was a simple, fun story. I would hope that as you read this book that your imagination is sparked. I know as I was writing it, I found the possibilities of such a world to be countless.
I hope you all enjoy "Welcome to Golden."